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Gerri Alexander

E-mail: gardeniapiano@gmail.com

Gerri Alexander graduated from Indiana University. She has also studied at Carnegie Mellon University and Duquesne University with Madame Else Stockman of the Liszt Conservatory. On the West Coast, she has coached with Adolph Baller at Stanford University and Julian White at Berkeley. Ms. Alexander gives duo and solo performances, in addition to playing with the Alexander Piano Trio, which she started in 2001.

Gerri teaches beginning to advanced students and offers all genres of piano repertoire, including vocal and string accompaniment and chamber music literature. Besides teaching her students piano technique and principles of music theory, Ms. Alexander teaches performance confidence and helps her students improve their organizational skills. She is strongly committed to influencing each child’s personal growth in a positive way, with emphasis on developing the child’s self-confidence. As part of this approach, each child is instructed individually, at his or her own pace.

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